Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Solar System Science

I love the six weeks of science during our second quarter! It's so much fun!

This week we built a proportional solar system outside. We used different sizes of balls to represent the planets & measured them out on that nice long roll of black paper I bought. Ray had so much fun helping me write out the measurements at home that he wanted to find out how long the black paper would have to be to reach the nearest star.

In keeping the proportions with the planets in our model, the roll of paper would have to be 63 MILES LONG just to reach the nearest start to the sun!!!

I joined one of the classes while they were outside putting together the model. One of the lovely moms was the sun at the beginning!

I'll have to post pictures next week - we'll be building a solar model again, only on paper & the kids will be able to take it home!

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