Monday, December 30, 2013

Toothless Kate

Oh Kate...the poor girl takes after me when it comes to clumsiness. I once ran into a wall walking a straight hallway!

On Christmas Eve Kate was riding her bike & face planted. It looked like there was a chip on the front of her front top left tooth & a few hours later she was very excited to tell me that her tooth was loose! I checked it out & noticed that only the bottom portion of her tooth was wiggly. This of course caused me great concern, but, after a little research, it seemed that we were okay to wait to take care of it after Christmas since it was a baby tooth.

Of course, over the next two days, I was almost positive the bottom part of her tooth would fall off!

Kate wanted me to take a picture with her while we were at the dentist.

I was SO thankful that Ray worked last Saturday so that he could take off the day after Christmas. It was so nice having him with me to help at the doctor! The x-rays showed that her tooth was fractured in two places - the crown & the root - and needed to be extracted.

Ray was able to go back with Kate while I waited with the other kids.

Kate completely FREAKED out!!! The laughing gas did absolutely NOTHING for her. nada. You couldn't even tell that they'd given it to her. That's another area where my genes kick in for her, drugs don't work on us the way that they're designed to work. Ray ended up sitting on top of Kate's legs holding her arms plus they had to call in an extra nurse to help hold her down. She screamed & cried during the entire procedure (not in pain, she was just distraught).

As soon as the extraction was over Kate was perfectly fine. She was given a popsicle & was happy to put her tooth )well, the various pieces of her tooth) under her pillow that night.

Thank the Lord it was just a baby tooth! They did say it will probably take about 2-3 years for the permanent tooth to grow in!

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