Friday, January 24, 2014

A picture (almost) everyday

Jan. 1 - Our new year day picnic in the park was cancelled due to rain & illness so some of our (well) friends came to our house instead. 

Jan 2. - family time playing sorry, a Christmas gift. 

Jan. 3 - clay loves for me to style his hair & wanted me to take his picture. 

Jan. 4 - loving our cold snap this month & getting to use this cozy blanket my sister-in-law made for Jackson! 

Jan 6. - Jackson had his hearing test- passed! 

Jan. 7 - sibling love! 

Jan. 8 - Addison got into my closet while I had an online meeting & tried on my wedding dress. 


Jan. 9 - getting ready for my tutor meeting. 

Jan. 10 - some of the awesome completed art projects made by my tutors. 

Jan. 11 - Took the girls to a birthday party for their friend, Claire, from school.

Jan. 12 - lunch with friends at Sweet Tomatoes after church.

Jan. 17 - This is how we do cold in Florida: keep your hands warm but NEVER give up your flip flops!

Jan. 18 - Ray shaved his beard after a month - I liked him with it!

Jan. 21 - Jackson even smiles in his sleep!

Jan. 22 - the kids were very excited to use the gift cards Aunt Megan sent them to buy coffee!


                           Jan. 23 - Ice on the roof - it was a delightfully cold month!

Jan. 24 - Why was Clay pouting? Because I wouldn't make him coffee.

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