Wednesday, January 08, 2014


We've begun our new year sick with a violent stomach virus. Ray got it first, two days later it 
was me, twio days after that it was Clay, the next morning Jackson & tonight Addison. 

The good news is that it lasts for less than 12 hours. Ray got it at night & was completely fine the next morning & had a normal day. I, on the other hand, was completely wiped out for a day & I've been the only one to get a fever. 

One strange thing is how suddenly it comes on. You're totally fine & then all of a sudden feel like you have a weight in your stomach & you're sick. No warning. Poor Addison was at gymnastics when it struck. She did prove she can take care of herself because she made it to the bathroom in time, never told her teachers & only told me after she threw up again in the van on the drive home. 

Because the illness is so short lived we were all well enough to make it to Jackson's hearing screening on Monday. I'm so thankful that Ray was able to leave work to meet us & watch the older kids while we were there. Because it has to be absolutely silent for the test it would've been very difficult to have the three other kids in the room with us. 

Great news, though, Jackson passed! 

This week I've had a couple of online meetings. As I wrapped up one this morning Addison came walking out in my wedding dress. So sweet. 

Kate then wanted to try it on, too.

I still love the train on my dress. 

We've had a delightful cold snap here the past couple of days, cold enough that I had to cover my plants the past two nights & the high yesterday was only in the 40's! My mom sent me her free birthday drink, which I enjoyed today! 

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