Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Six months!

Who is six months old now? This guy!

He's also suffering from a drippy nose as he's working on getting in his first teeth, the two on the bottom.

Jackson is around 17-18 pounds now & doesn't do much more than smile, sleep & roll over.

He started sleeping 9 hours a night when he was a week & a half old & started fully sleeping through the night at 10.5 weeks (the first time was while he & I were in WV).

Speaking of WV, that was Jacksons' first flight. The day after arriving home we left for his second road trip. His first road trip was the day he turned 4 weeks old & we drive to NC. Jackson has now been to 10 states: Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, New York, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.

I've not started Jackson on solids yet but he's nursing about 4 times a day.

Last week I finally moved him into the crib in his own room! I love having my babies in my room so I can gaze at them sleeping but I was definitely ready to get our room back! 

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