Sunday, February 23, 2014

Surprise Vacation!

This post is two weeks coming. In fact, I wrote my last post while we were driving on our little get away.

Two Friday age (Valentine's Day) I was driving home from Target with kids. It was 4:15 & I called Ray to see when he thought he'd be home from work. While on the phone he asked, "Do you want to drive to North Carolina tonight?"

"Um, OKAY!!!"

We left less than 2.5 hours later. It was SO much fun!

While we were driving I texted Megan to let her know we were on our way, but, not to tell Mom & Dad so that they could be surprised. If we weren't going to be arriving in the middle of the night I wouldn't have told anyone but we needed someone awake to let us in the house (thanks, Megan!). It was also a surprise for my parents for their 33rd wedding anniversary on Feb. 15th!

We didn't tell the kids where we were going, either. That was also quite fun.

One of the reasons for going was the snow. There was snow in the forecast on Saturday & my parents had just had a really good snow at their house during the week & there was still some on the ground. We first spotted a bit in the grass as we were driving through South Caroline & we were so excited!

We arrived at my parents at 4:50 Saturday morning & it began to snow when we were just one street away!

The view from my parents' front door.

Megan let us in & of course both of my parents woke up (my mom had actually been awake in bed for an hour) & they stayed up with the kids while Ray & I went upstairs to sleep.

After a few hours we all went outside to play in the snow WHILE it was snowing - such a novelty for us Floridians! We loved it!

Later in the day Ray & I took the kids tubing. Everyone had fun, except for Clay. It was 23 degrees outside & a little windy. He was tired & didn't have warm enough jackets. Clay went down twice & then he, Jackson & I sat in the van while Ray & the girls had fun! Jackson even went down on my lap & had a big smile on his face!

Saturday night my mom & I made an excursion to Trader Joe's without kids (a first for me!) & I STOCKED UP. It's a bit embarrassing, actually, but, I bought lots of practical groceries as well as some goodies.

On Sunday we had a lazy morning & then we all went to the Biltmore Estate. There was still snow on the ground & we had the best snowball fight! We were out there for over an hour. 

Sunday evening Ray & I went over to the Grove Park Inn, just a mile from my parents, to have a little date time & then we spent the rest of the evening relaxing with my family watching a movie.

On Monday Ray & the girl went tubing again & my dad, Megan & Oliver went with them. While they were out the boys & I went with my mom for coffee at Mojo Mountain. It was so good that I had two! (Thanks, mom!) We also made another stop at Trader Joe's. Yes, I need help.
We left to drive home early in the afternoon & made a stop at French Broad Chocolate Lounge as we were driving out of town. I had to get my fix!

Ray & I both decided this was one of the best trips we've ever taken! The spontaneity of it all made it that much better!

More photos from the weekend can be seen here.

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Just Me said...

Jessica, just catching up on your blog (it is reading weather up here today :-) and just loved this post. Last minute vacations are the best.

One March break when the kids were still little, I was so homesick for my mom and Florida so I got packed up and ready to go. When Eric came home from school that evening, he opened the door and there were the suitcases and three little kiddies waiting to go. I said, "Guess what we are going to Florida!" So he got changed and we hit the road taking turns driving through the night. Twenty-six hours later, Canada was a distant cold memory and I was hugging my mom. Great memory and great time. I hope many more surprise trips for you in the future.


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