Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Costume week

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Me, for the past few months: Girls do you want to be Elsa & Anna for Halloween & Clay, you can be Olaf? (He LOVED Olaf)

Clay: YEAH!!!!

Girls: I don't want to be Anna, I want to be Elsa!

So, we planned for two Elsa's & an Olaf. Well, we mentioned it once in awhile & I'd push it to the back of my mind because Halloween was *so* far away.

Less than two weeks out from Halloween & I made the trip to buy fabric for the Elsa's. The week before Halloween Clay decided he wanted to wear his Spiderman costume instead.

Finally, with four days to go until Halloween, I began to measure, cut fabric & sew the Elsa dresses. Who doesn't work best under pressure? Where's the challenge if you give yourself enough time to do a perfect job?

Our school room made a very nice place to sew during the evening & still be cleaned up for school the next day. (I love this room!!!)

I also really enjoy creative projects, but, they're more of a luxury at this time in my life so it was fun to get to work on something creative for the week. (even if ALL of my spare time was dedicated to it - and it meant working through dinner & the kids bedtime!) It was so cheap to buy all of the fabric, too - all of the fabric for two Elsa dresses was less than $16!

On Wednesday I double-checked with Clay: Are you sure you want to be Spiderman or do you want to be Olaf?


That's what I thought. I did some quick online research & found a cute homemade costume I liked & used for inspiration. Thank you to all those amazing people who provide detailed tutorials - with pictures! - for people like me.

I made Clay's costume on Thursday & he was ecstatic when I completed it. He wore it at night right until he went to bed. That alone made the time spent making it worth it.

With the whole Frozen theme going on I thought it would be fun to dress-up Jackson in a super SUPER simple Sven costume (I took a onesie he had & glued some ribbon & fur on it) & to use clothing that Ray & I already owned to turn into Anna & Kristoff. 

I took one of my old tank tops & used fabric paint that I've stashed away unused for years. Nothing fancy, just enough to get the idea across. 

For Ray's costume I turned one of his black t-shirts from a past VBS inside-out & glued some ribbon & fur on it. His sash was a scarf that McGraw-Hill handed out at the Today Show in NYC when we went & watched it 12 years ago - FINALLY came in handy, thank you McGraw-Hill!

I didn't tell the kids that Ray & I were dressing up, we just came out of our room when it was time to trick-or-treat with the costumes on. The kids were delighted!

Anna, Kristoff & Sven

Our little munchkins, aren't they adorable?

The Elsa's with their pal Olaf. Because I was going to make their costumes I asked the girls what they most desired from their Elsa dresses. Here were the requests:

1. A skirt that covers their feet
2. A slit on the side (like Elsa)
3. A really long cape 

These two!

Frozen Family

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