Thursday, July 31, 2003

I need something to post. I'm kind of boring. Megan has a cool new page up, she's taking a picture of herself everyday. I like the one from Saturday. :)

I'm very excited about tomorrow. Ray is taking the day off of work, I pushed my piano lesson to Saturday morning, & he & I are going to spend all day together. We still don't know what we're going to do but I don't care, I'll be with him. :) I tried to talk him into a road trip to Atlanta or something but he didn't go for it. :)

Anyway, not a whole lot is happening. I really am a pretty boring person. I think I'm going to start packing up our palce tonight. I think I'll start with the pictures. We have four days to move so I think that's kind of making me procrastinate on the whole packing thing.

My friends, the Palmers, who are missionaries in England are in Orlando right now so Mom invited them over for lunch in two Sundays & Ray & I are going over there to visit with them. I'm really looking forward to seeing them, its been over three years! I imagine the kids are so big now.

So that's about it. Like I said, not a whole lot is going on. Hope you're having fun though!

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