Saturday, August 02, 2003

Yesterday was tons of fun, even if we did get a late start.

We ate lunch at the Olive Garden, which consisted of salad, breadsticks & alfredo sauce. Doesn't sound like much but we were so full afterwards.

Then, we drove to St. Pete beach over by the Don Cesar. We walked along the beach until we got to the hotel & then we went swimming in one of their pools & laid out under an umbrella. It was so nice. For the short time we were there it felt like we were on vacation. Being at the pool reminded me of traveling with my family when I was little & going to the conventions for dad's work. Poor guy, while he was in meetings we were at the pool.

Anyway, after the pool we walked through the hotel to the cute little ice cream shop they have there. They gave us so much ive cream we couldn't even finish it. It was good but definitely overpriced (no more complaining about the Marble Slab!).

We had planned on using some of our gift certificates to eat dinner at Hops but we were so full we decided to just go home & relax. We napped for a bit & then went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean". I really liked it. I don't care if people say its hokey, it was still a fun movie with good acting & great special effects. That whole transforming into skeletons in the moonlight was pretty cool.

We were really exhuasted by the time we got home. The movie didn't end until after midnight & we just crashed after that.

Now I'm waiting for Ray to get home from work. We're supposed to be at that engagement party in less than an hour (free food!) & I'm still not ready!!!

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