Friday, July 11, 2003

Last night Ray & I went to the movie in the park, it was lots of fun, & I won something!!!

Before the movie started they had a guy from a radio station there asking questions mostly about the movie they were about to show. He also asked what four movies they've shown there this summer & Ray convinced me to raise my hand since I knew. I stood up & waved my arms around. Since we were way off to the side of the crowd (& I was the only one raising my hand in that area) he looked over, saw me, & called on me.

I went blank on the last movie but the people around me helped out & I won a make-up lesson & a $25 gift certificate for cosmetics at Saks Fifth Avenue.

This is the same radio station I won my "Cats" tickets from. :)

I did receive those the other day too, Ray & I will be going on opening night, next Tuesday. I actually have a final that night but my professor kindly agreed to let me take it a little early.

Now, I need to clean this place up a bit, call Val to see what time we're getting together to work on her wedding stuff & I need to start studying for my finals. :p I'll be SOOO glad when this semester is over. Have I mentioned that before??? :)

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