Monday, July 14, 2003

Things are busy as usual, but I'm looking forward to Wednesday afternoon, just two days from now. Finals will be over. :) And I'll be out of school for a month. What relief. :)

Tomorrow night we're going to see "Cats". I'm so looking forward to that. :)

Every few months Ray's office goes out for a birthday dinner & everyone's spouses are invited. Last time they went to Bern's, that super nice really yummy & expensive steak restaurant. I'm not sure where they're going this time but we'll be out Wednesday night for that.

Thursday is the movie in the park again & Val's fiance Steve will be in town & we might all go to see that & hang out together. I still haven't seen she & Steve since they've been together. I actually haven't seen him in about a year, not since camp, which is weird since I used to see him there every few months.

Friday night is the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner, & then Val & all of her bridesmaids are having a girls night. First we're getting cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory (where else?) & then we're going to the hotel some of the girls are staying at & doing girly spa stuff. Should be fun. :)

Of course Saturday night is the wedding & after that Rach & I are driving to camp together.

I love going to camp. I miss it, I don't spend nearly as much time there as I used to. So of course I'm really looking forward to next week, it wil be so much fun. :)

Ray got an e-mail from a friend of his from up north. He's known her for a few years from the camp up in Pennsylvania, Greenwoood Hills (my mom used to go there when she was a little girl). :) Anyway, she's wanting to come down in August & she's going to be staying with us. It should be fun, I'm hoping I won't be back in school yet, but even if I am it should be fun getting to hang out with her. She was at the wedding, but of course I didn't really see her then, so the last time I spent any time with her was about a year & a half ago when we were in Indiana.

So anyway, right now I'm hungry. Tonight after my exam we're getting pizza for dinner. HAve I ever mentioned taht's my favorite food? Yuuuuuummmmmmm.

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