Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I've had two really great customer service experiences that I can remember.

One would be the limo driver at our wedding. He took us from the reception to my parents house, where Ray & I chatted with my family before leaving, while the driver sat in the driveway for, well, a really long time. Whenever I would open the front door to go outside the driver would immediately get out of the car to see if I needed anything. It was amazing, talk about feeling like royalty.

The other experience happened today. Its one of my coworkers birthdays & my very generous boss got Panera Bread for all of us for lunch. Of course it was my job to place the order & go pick it up. All was going fine until I got to the restaurant & they couldn't find my order. One of the bad things about this was that I had ordered over the phone by credit card so it was already paid for. The poor guy was going frantic trying to find my order when I realized: I had called the wrong location.

How embarrassing. The place was packed & this was on my boss's credit card. I told the kind gentleman who was helping me & he called the other location to confirm my order was there. It was too far to drive too so they placed my order where I was already at. Another problem: I no longer had the credit card number with me so I had to use the phone at Panera to call my boss & ask for the number (I did not give details as to why I needed it & she didn't ask). Yes, I got to stand behind the special counter that divides customer from employees and use their phone.

I finally got everything I needed & got the number Through all of this the service, particularly that one guy, was great. He never got upset, he was so pleasant, & he didn’t make me feel stupid. (would have been very easy to do at that point). This is also amazing considering it was the peak of lunch hour.

So a special thanks to him for making my day a little brighter (& for being an example to me-I know I don’t always treat others as I should).

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