Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Know what's crazy? Getting up early in the morning & making Bisquick biscuits reminds me of the summer. Why, you ask? Well...

When I was about thirteen my parents went through a phase (thankfully a rather brief phase). It was the summer & we had to get up at 5:30 every morning (except for when we got to sleep in unil 6:30 on the weekends-I really don't mind that now :) ), we always had to wear dresses, no rock music, & we didn't own a real tv.

So I remember getting up in the morning & making bisquick biscuits while listening to Adventures in Odyssey that we had borrowed from our friend Tony. It was the one about the underground railroad, pretty cool.

So now that's one of my summer memories. A pretty odd one if you ask me, but good too.

Another one comes later, once I started spending my summers at camp. We had snack shack everyday & they carried those Fla-Vor-Ice things, you know, those long tubes of sugary ice with food coloring? I don't like them that much but it was so hot out that you'd eat them. I like to melt it so that you get a nice big gulp of syrup at the end. :) They have them here at work too & for the memories I'm eating one.

My favorite is green.


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