Thursday, September 04, 2003

I got a call from Rach this morning & we easily decided against going to Rock the Universe now. (I know, girls can be so fickle)

We just decided that with money, family issues, & other stuff that we'd rather just drive over to Orlando & visit with my family. Needless to say when I called mom to let her know she was very excited. I am too!

This also means that I now have this money I can spend since I'm not buying a $40 ticket. This is good because today is my long day at school (12:30-8:50) & I will get hungry. And I don't ahve a way to bring enough food to last me all day. So Jerk Hut here I come!


Even though in Florida we don't get snow days, we do get hurricane days. It may sound weird but I've always kind of looked forward to those. They're exciting, as long as its nothing bad like "Andrew" was.

So right now we have a tropical storm warning. And the weather is this overcast slow drizzle that just makes you want to stay at home curled up with a book & a good cup of coffee. But as I mentioned, this is my long day at school. :p I wish it was canceled for this tropical storm (unfortunately we've had plenty of thunderstorms worse than this). As of 8:00 this morning the center of the storm was 300 miles west of here. Looks like rain for the next day (flood warnings too!).


Now, while I'd love to sit & chat with you longer, it's about that time again for me to leave work & head to class. And, with this rain & the extra money now in my pocket I'll just have to pick up a small cup of Starbucks coffee too.

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