Friday, September 19, 2003

Okay, so I'm going to sit my little booty down & try to type something out for you.

This past week has been extremely busy & I just haven't had time for much of kitchen is still a mess from THREE DAYSA AGO...ugh. I finally called mom Wednesday night while waiting for Ray at the chapel (counting money again). I think it'd been about a week since I'd talked to her. Actually, its been that long since I've talked to anyone, some even longer.

This morning I was going to watch my online stats class but something is wrong with our sound. Its not working at all so I've got to get Ray to fix that up.

Works in about an hour, but thankfully its just for the morning & then I'm getting together with a friend, Ruth. She just got married less than three weeks ago & moved down here from Michigan. The poor thing is bored out of her mind (I remember what that was like after getting married). She doesn't have a car, job, school, & I don't think a tv or Internet. The one good thing for her is that she lives in Hyde Park (mine & Erin's dream) & can walk to all of the shops, the grocery store & such.

Anyway, after work I'm going to drive over there & we're going to hang out. Maybe stay in Hyde Park or go to International Mall or something. Then I go straight from there to teach piano, back home, & then youth group starts up again tonight. I'm debating about whether or not to go because I have so much work to do for school. If we can get this sound fixed I might just stay home. I think I have an exam in that class next week.

Lots, SO MUCH, has been going on this past week & I just don't feel like writing about it all. Plus, do you really want a play-by-play of everything I've been doing? I didn't think so.

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