Tuesday, September 02, 2003

We made it back safely & guess what??? No weight gain! Yea!!!

I'm trying to get back into healthy mode now, eating better & working out.

Does anyone else use hotmail? It totally stinks today. It won't even take me to its website or msn for that matter. I can't bring myself to pay for e-mail either-I just can't afford it.

Speaking of affording stuff we did end up buying that old sewing machine. Its really cool. I love antiques, especially ones with history to it. In the drawers of this old machine we've been finding old poems, letters, & accessories to the machine. I might post one of the poems on here. Its actually quite amusing.

Ray also bought an old plate that is supposedly from 1800-1801. He was completely thrilled with how old it was & I think that was the only reason he bought it.

I finally talked to Rach today (after two LONG weeks) & as far as we know we're going to Rock the Universe this Saturday night. It should be fun & I'm sure we'll run into camp people that we know (we always do). I was going to try & get in touch with some of them about going with us but time passed by quicker than I realized.

Speaking of time passing by...

The Youth Rally is only a month away. Ray & I are scheduled to take the kids here at the chapel d& their so excited about it. From what I can tell they're mostly excited about the idea of driving down to Miami. For some reason they've stopped having the youth rally at camp during the fall.

Anyway, we haven't started working with the kids on it yet. They're supposed to memorize 1 John & I've talked to thema bit about it but I was wanting to ahve a bit of a Bible study with them on Sunday nights to help them out. Problem is I haven't had time to prepare for a Bible study like I should & hardly any of the kids that would be going actually show up on Sunday nights.


I am SO hungry. I'm at Ray's office right now becuase Verizon STILL hasn't connected out Internet. In fact, they won't be out to us until next monday. THREE AND A HALF WEEKS after we called them to connect us. We're going to fight paying the connection fee, its absolutely ridiculous.

So I can't eat anything because we're at the office. I have to use the bathroom too (that's what I get for drinking all of that water before we left) but I just don't feel like getting up.


I suppose this is a rather long post, but I also haven't posted much lately so I'm just making up for it. Has anyone read this far? I'm sure my faithful readers (all 5 of them) have. :)

I'm having trouble with blogger & its not letting me view me blog at all. Hoepfully this post makes it out there!

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