Saturday, October 11, 2003

The past couple of days have been quite busy (aren't they alwyas?) but pretty good too. And I keep wanting to blog but I haven't made myself just sit down & do it.

Right now Ray is off to the chapel to practice singing with some of the guys (he was kind of miffed about having to go at 9 in the morning just to sing) & Rachel is asleep in our bed. The Campbells are out of town so she's staying with us this weekend & Ray slept in the guest bed (its the room with the computer & he was afraid if she slept in here he wouldn't be able to stay on the computer too).

This is the first Saturday in...well I don't know, but awhile, that I don't have to do anything. That's right, ANYTHING!!! Is that nice or what? I do need to study & probably do a little cleaning. But its so ncie not to have to be somewhere & rush around.


Thursday I met a girl in my professional writing class. Its a really small class so I'd seen her before but we hadn't talked. The thing is, whenever I've seen her I've always wondered "is she a Christian? She seems like one." You know how with some people you really can tell? And I was right! She is so sweet & we talked for about an hour after class! She just got married this past February (they only knew each other for 4 1/2 months!) & then her dad died in March. I couldn't imagine that, but it really shows how the Lord works things out, 'cause at least her dad got to meet her husband and be there for the wedding.

Anyway, she just moved here about 2 months ago & I'm hoping that maybe she & I can get together sometime. She said she was interested in visiting our church. She was rasied baptist but doesn't like it because of the rules they make up. She likes non-denominational churches, which is why she was interested in visiting us, & wants a place that teaches the Bible.

So we'll see what happens with that. :)


Oh, my yellow teeth are finally (hopefully) going to be brightened up soon. I really wanted the white strips. I even had a coupon for $7 off of them!!! But stupid me, it expired the end of September. :p But I haven't really whitened my teeth since our wedding & they needed it badly. So I went to Walmart & bought the Crest nighteffects instead. Ray so kindly said he would even buy them for me. (What a sweetheart) :) So, I'm not too keen on sleeping with this stuff on, but I'm quite impressed with it so far. It doesn't give a bad taste in my mouth, it doesn't come off in the night, & it brushes right off in the morning. The downside is that I can't wear my retainers at night with it on so I'm stuck wearing them for as long as I can in the mornings (like right now).


Well, Rach is still sleeping (you lazy bum! j/k) & I think I'm going to make her eat french fries for breakfast with me. :) YUM!

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