Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Right now I'm sitting in the computer lab at USF waiting to work on my marketing project.

Its a group project & this section is due tomorrow. Because of my exam that I was studying for this morning, my group kindly allowed me to complete the last section. Unfortunately, I'm relying on their data to do this. And out of four people, only one has sent me her information. Argh.

It really stinks. I can't remember ever before literally sitting at a computer waiting to work on a project & being unable to. They wre supposed to send me their stuff by 5:00 this afternoon too.

I had planned on a nice evening at home working on this but unfortunately when I got their the power was off. :p We called & it should be turned on sometime tonight. So I'm stuck here at the computer lab. I'm seriously considering ditching this & driving to B&N to drink a frappuccino & read mindless magazines.

I even skipped church tonight because I had to work on this thing.

I think I'll go. Yeah, you've talked me into it. Frappuccino here I come!

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