Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Fun Picture Post

Here we have Trent & Allison decorating the chapel for Christmas. I'm really not sure what Trents' doing...I guess just being Trent.

This is titled Crazy Meg. Enough said.

Dad's legs look SO long.

This is Ellie when she was 2 years old at David B.'s surprise 30th birthday party. I can't remember if we talked her into putting on this wig or if she just did it on her own (knowing us it was probably the former).

And here's mom! (I know all she's probably thinking as she looks at this is "look how thin I was." Am I right mom?)

I know this is Rach's favorite pic of us. This is the "is-there-anything-in-my-teeth-so-I-won't-be-embarrassed-by-the-picture-about-to-be-taken-of-me" pose. Unfortunately, someone decided to take the picture while we were grooming (at least our teeth were clean!).


Now if only I had a digital camera or if our scanner was at least hooked up I could update with more current pics. Maybe I can talk to Ray about that....

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