Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hello, hello!

I think my class is starting soon. I'm not sure because the wall clock in the computer lab is stuck on 9:58 & all of their computer clocks are fast.

I decided to stick around for my MIS class tonight even though I can probably get everything I need on the computer. Its just faster to get them in class & maybe it will make me feel like I accomplished something. Which reminds me, I have a ton to do before tomorrow night.

Heather is coming to stay with us which means I need to wash the sheets on the guest bed! And there's still clothes sitting in the dryer from a couple of days ago so that means I have ironing to do too. Plus, I need to get Ray to clean up the computer room a bit so Heather can actually walk through it. I guess its good that Ray's starting to limit his papers to that room instead of all over the house (that just drives me crazy-& I do it too!).

I'm hoping that Rach will show up at youth group tomorrow night. :) It will actually be the first youth group I've been to all year. Its kind of weird because they only have it every other week, so its not like I've had many opportunities to go anyway.

On a happier note, I skipped my writing class on Tuesday. That joker is so crazy. I was very happy when he gave me my papers back today. Two "A's"! Yea! He's weird when it comes to grading papers, almost like a moody PMS never know what mood he's going to be in when he's grading. That's why I was happy with my A- to be exact (who came up with the whole + & - thing anyway, what's the point?).

Well, I suppose I should be going. I'm almost positive my class is about to start now. Adios amigos.

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