Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Today I had so much fun. Yea for government holidays!

After a long morning of working out (finally!) and seriously cleaning my kitchen, Ruth came over for our day of Christmas card making. Even though she got here at 10:30 we still had to go out & look for some supplies. It was the strangest feeling being out on a weekday at 10:30 in the morning. I honestly can't remember the last time that happened. It was SO nice.

Anyway, we finally started on the cards around 1. We moved my kitchen table into the family room, right in front of the sofa. We watched "What Women Want," "Someone Like You," & then some tv. She left around 6:30 which was very sad because we wanted to keep going. But her husband expected her home so she had to go.

It was quite funny because neither of our husband's could quite seem to comprehend the fact that we were going to be together ALL DAY working on this. Ruth told Ernie that this is what she used to do before she married him. And this is what my mom and I would do with our friends when I lived at home. I miss it so much too. Ruth and I came to the conclusion that if Barney's New York can sell a single Christmas card for $15 than we should be able to make pretty good money making these and selling them. :) At least we would enjoy it.

And I'm really impressed with how some of them turned out-I can't wait to make more! It was nice because Ray was impressed too-I know he thought it was silly when he first found out what we were doing, but I think he was expecting really cheesy "looks home made" cards.

So, that was my fun day. Now, its back to the "real world" of studying and work. :p

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