Friday, November 14, 2003

Another Friday. Don't you just love Fridays? Things have been so hectic lately. I guess they're always hectic though. Tonight is our last installment of "Love is a Decision." Its gone really well & while I'm enjoying it a lot, at the same time I dread going because its just one more thing. Especially for this weekend. For about the past week I've been simultaneously working on four projects for school. Next week three of those projects are due and I have 2 exams next week. So, this weekend should be filled with preparing for all of that.

But, like I said, tonght is Bible Study. Thankfully Ray will be out paintballing with the guys tomorrow, which should free up my day here. But, on Sunday I ahve to make mashed potatoes to bring to the Thanksgiving Potluck after church and then at 5:30 there is a 80th birthday party for one of Ray's aunt's in Brandon. So that gives me what? Three hours of studying that day if even? If I think about it I get kind of stressed. So why think about it?

The good news is that all I have left to do in my writing class is give a 4 minute oral report which I'm all ready for. No finals or anymore papers due in that class. AND if I do well enough on my MIS exam next week I don't have to go to that class anymore or take the final. That would leave me with just three final exams this semester. I can definitely get behind that!

I've got to be leaving for piano pretty soon. Part of me just wants to quit with that. Its kind of feeling not worth it. With driving there and back it takes around an hour and plus the hour for the lesson. It wasn't so bad when I lived 10 minutes from them. But now its such a time sucker. Especially since I won't get home from there until around 4:45-5:00 and then I leave here around 6 to drive back to the SAME AREA. But I have to come home in order to make food to bring tonight.

I guess this is kind of my venting post. All I know is that tomorrow is going to be a day filled with studying and drinking coffee.

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