Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I need to start blogging more often just so I can remember what I've done! On days I go out it's easier to remember (such as going to Orlando last Wednesday) but when it's a normal run-to-Target-for-groceries-&-do-housework kind of day I can't seem to keep tabs on the details. For example, I know I taped Gilmore Girls last Tuesday but I don't exactly remember what was going on that I taped it (it just hit me, I think I was on the computer - but Ray wasn't home, where was he???).

Addison & I went out late last week. Wow, I just remembered it was to the mall! (Sitting down writing this stuff out seems to be helping me remember!) NY&C was having a 40% off everything in the store sale & I picked up two new tops. I feel so much better about myself when I get new clothes that are cute & fit well.

Sunday Ray & I grabbed bagels for breakfast on our way to church. Unfortunately, the perfume was so bad in both meetings that I was unable to sit in & listen. So, during the second meeting Addison & I went to Ross & Publix.

I think I spent the rest of the day at home, Ray had work & then went straight from there to church again. I made the Tuscan Chicken & Beans recipe for dinner. Rachel had made it the day before & she got me wanting it again. :) I think that may be one of my favorite dishes now.

Charisse called this morning & invited me to go to the mall with her tomorrow morning so I definitely took her up on that offer! I just love to get out once in awhile.

I'll leave you with these pictures of a short term inhabitant of my living room. Starting last Thursday the cat kept acting like he was playing with something in the living room but it wasn't until he was in there again on Saturday that I finally found his prey (I think the cat must have brought the frog in on Thursday). That thing was huge, about the size of my palm! (I think it got wrapped up in some feathers from a toy or something).

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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