Monday, June 04, 2007

We had quite a busy (& rainy!) weekend. Friday was gorgeous. I can't believe that on the first day of June, in Florida, I had my house open until one in the afternoon. Ray & I also went on a walk with Addison & she tried out a swing at the park for the first time.

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Right after my piano lessons Friday I got a phone call from Jen telling me that the Boots makeup line at Target was giving free makeovers. I had missed the last one so I quickly showered & was out the door in about 20 minutes!

They actually flew in their make-up artist from D.C. but I didn't have an appointment so some other lady there did my make-up. I was a little scared at first because she had on glaring blue eyeshadow, applied quite heavily. Not my kind of thing & I was a little worried she'd make me look like that. Thankfully, she asked what kind of look I wanted so I told her a more natural French look. Here is the result:

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Not too bad, but she did use a little too much bronzer (it was worse in person).

Friday evening we had dinner & a movie at Avril's with some other friends. Friday it also started raining from the tropical storm. It was fabulous! It rained all through the night & Saturday morning. We needed it so badly, the water level in the pond behind our house at dramatically dropped.

Saturday afternoon we had a combined 80th birthday party for a lady at our church & a 30th birthday party for her grandson. There were a lot of people there which means a lot of perfumes, colognes, & scented things, so Rachel & I weren't able to stay. Thankfullly, the rain had stopped & there was a little table out back that we were able to sit at & eat & chat with our little girls.

After the party I went to JoAnn Fabrics while Ray went to Best Buy. I picked up a couple things & we finally got home close to 9 I think.

Yesterday Ray had to work after church but then we went to this craft fair down in Ybor. I thought it was really neat. It was very small & outdoors at a small brewery so it was a little smoky which meant I couldn't breathe well & we couldn't stay long. As we were leaving Ray mentioned, "That is totally Megan's crowd." It really was Megan, I think you would've loved it. It was my kind of craft fair too. Truly cute stuff & nothing was knit or crocheted. :)

Addison & I matched last night for church. She soiled her first outfit & when I changed her into her brown dress I realized the had a headband that would match the tank I was wearing. I can get away with this for now.

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