Thursday, June 14, 2007

We safely made it home around 4 yesterday morning. Ray was such a dear & drove the entire way home even though he had to be out of the house for a meeting at 9 in the morning. I know I got more sleep than him but I think I'm still tired!

Of course, I didn't care how tired I was, Addison & I walked to Target yesterday morning. I needed to do something that was a little more in my normal routine. I picked out some things for Ray's fathers day present (on sale, of course, I love a deal!) & a few groceries.

On the note of food, I successfully made it home without gaining any weight! The only people who may understand why this is such a big deal is my family, merely because they know why it's so difficult not to gain weight at my grandparents. (see previous post about fried food)

I spent the rest of yesterday recuperating so today I have unpacking to get done.

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