Sunday, July 01, 2007

Times are a-changin!

About two & a half weeks ago Ray signed with a different real estate company. This was not a hasty decision, it involved a lot of thought & prayer. A lot. It's a bit surreal that he's with another company, we've talked about it for years & now it's a reality! The biggest reason for the change is because we feel it's the best decision for us, financially, at the moment.

The new company really makes it feel like we've opened a whole new door of potential. It's quite exciting to think of what may come of this change.

Ray also has his mortgage broker license now & has found a company to work for & has been training with them. This is where I get to boast a bit - when Ray took the state exam for his broker's license he received a 97%!!! I was/am so proud of him! Have I mentioned we're looking into me becoming a broker as well? I'm really not the most excited about this but I don't absolutely hate the idea, either - Ray knows how to make it sound appealing! For one, it would mean not having to sit with kids in my living room listening to them play the piano.

Apparently my piano students don't believe in washing their hands, see all that grime on my pretty piano keys? (Don't worry, it's clean now!)

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I don't mind teaching piano so much & it's actually pretty good money. I don't really like having the kids in my house, although it's not as bad now that I have the rule that family isn't allowed to wait inside of my house (it felt like a huge invasion of privacy). One problem is that attendance at piano lessons can be incredibly inconsistent. And, now I'm not sure if I'll be getting all of those extra students as thought. I haven't heard from/been able to get in touch with the other teacher for weeks! Oh well, maybe it's just more of a push to get my mortgage broker license!

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