Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things are going really really well so far - having babies gives such a high! I know Kate's just five days old but these past five days have been so enjoyable.

One extremely helpful aspect was having my parents here for three days. Ray had to work Saturday, Sunday afternoon, & Monday (he's been doing painting jobs on the side) & there was no way I wanted to be recovering from birth without anyone around to help with Addison. They were perfect for her to have around, they totally gave Addison the attention & time she needs during this adjustment - she was even giving me the cold shoulder, I suppose as punishment for daring to have another child besides her! (But, as soon as my parents left Addison was on me like glue)

My parents left yesterday morning & shortly after Ray had to leave as well for an interview with a builder, leaving me alone with both girls for the first time (other than the 30 seconds I waited for my parents to arrive on Saturday as Ray left). Everything was fine, but of course a little slow & exhausting. I managed to do some laundry & dishes & even got in a little nap!

Daddy and his girls

Ray arrived home early so I talked him into our first family outing. You know we went to Target. :) I had to show off Kate to my friends at Starbucks (she slept the entire time) & the manager treated me to a peppermint mocha as a congratulations. Delicious!

I kept Kate in the sling while we were out, I've found it's a great way for preventing strangers from thinking its okay to touch the baby & share their germs! Unfortunately, it didn't hit me until this morning that wearing her in the sling seems to be what caused my excruciating headache that lasted through to today. I really need to go to the chiropractor.

Me & Kate after her first Starbucks outing

Last night Kate slept a glorious 4 hours straight! Addison is actually the one who woke us up in the middle of the night, happily talking to herself in her room for about an hour. Ray got up & fed her & we all ended up sleeping until 9 this morning!

I think I've just finished my Christmas decorating, which makes me very happy & also means that now I'm ready for baking! It helps that before I had the baby I had some little things done, like our tree decorated & the gifts in their coordinated wrapping paper wrapped & underneath the tree. My mom also added her touch & did some decorating while she was here. (I love when she does that, it gives a new perspective on things I already have!)

So, thus far, everythings great. We're settling in & I'm just adoring having a newborn again. I'm hoping to get my birth story up in a post soon, I want to write it out before I forget anything! It was very different than Addison's & not nearly as long!

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