Monday, March 22, 2010

On Saturday my parents came over & I had every good intention to take a lot of photos! I didn't. I didn't take ANY. :( Next time we see them I bound & determined to get some pictures of them with the kids.

My mom & I spent time out alone (haven't done that in awhile!) grocery shopping. Yep, nothing too thrilling but the prices are much better over here then where she lives, plus, she can actually breathe in some of our stores over here. (something about the stores in Orlando causes her to have a reaction so she has a difficult time shopping over there)

Ray had to work our reservation job most of the day; I kept trying to get him to use some of his unpaid sick time since he'd already worked os much during the week but he was determined to work the hours. Finally, in the middle of the afternoon he found me on his break, put his arm around my waist, and with a goofy smile on his face asked if I wanted to go on a date that night! He'd already checked with my parents to see if they could watch the kids & he told me that's why he was working all of the hours. I have such a sweet husband! I was so excited, too.

We went out to Grillsmith for dinner. He had a steak (which was much too rare for me to eat while pregnant) & I had a chicken with prosciutto, fontina cheese, & portobello mushroom in Marsala sauce. I loved it, especially the mushrooms! Instead of dessert we walked over to Barnes & Noble after dinner & had some godiva chocolate cheesecake. Oh, it was heavenly. We sat in the cafe for awhile eating dessert & reading magazines.

My parents were going to stay the night & then take Addison home with them for a few days. However, my moms allergies were bothering her too much to stay overnight & we had Addison's things all loaded in their car when she started freaking out that she didn't want to go. Even though she'd been begging to go to their house for DAYS. She then wouldn't calm down when I put her to bed until I laid down with her. Every time I tried to get up Addison would put her arm around my neck & pull me down & she was telling me she wanted me to sleep in bed with her. I finally told Addison she could spend the night in our bed, which made her quite happy!

Yesterday started back to our normal week: meeting in the morning, work in the afternoon & back for the evening meeting at church. Ray helps with financials at church & they work on them after the evening meeting, meaning we're usually one of the last ones to leave. Nathan was working on something else last night so they were there a little late & we all left together. A few minutes later my phone rang; it was Erin inviting us over for a quick pizza dinner. Yay, such fun! I just love last minute things like that, & I'm so glad our new schedules are permitting those little get togethers now.

On a total fluke it was our third time being at their house in less than a week so the girls were quite excited to go back & knew just where the toys were that they wanted to play with. It was well past ALL of their bedtimes & by the time we were about to leave Kate was literally just running around their family room in circles & they were all in fits of delirious laughter.

The girls all love to pile into this chair & Claire was so sweet giving hugs & kisses!


Our Life As We Live It said...

I sure envy you living close to your parents. Mine are 11 hours away. Sigh.

Brewier said...

Not close enough :)


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