Tuesday, March 23, 2010

27 weeks 4 days

That's right, only 3 days left until I enter the third trimester! Where is the time going? I just can't believe I'm due in less than three months. I'm so excited!

I've definitely noticed a difference in the baby movements this week; a lot more rolls & it's so funny when you feel yourself getting poked in two or three places at the same time. When my mom was over on Saturday she couldn't believe how high he was against my ribs. I just love being able to feel those big movements & watch my belly move!

I haven't heard anything back from my glucose test a couple of weeks ago, which should mean that I passed. I'll find out the details at my next appointment tomorrow. They said with it being my third I don't have to go in every two weeks, but, I like going for the visits. It's always especially fun to hear the heartbeat.

I was able to find a belly picture from my pregnancy with Kate. Can you guess which one is from the second pregnancy & which one is from this pregnancy?


The one on the right is from this time around! I really am smaller! I think I'm lower, too, as the muscles are stretched out more & more (goodbye abs!).

The funniest thing happened last week. Some acquaintances we see most every week discreetly went up to Ray one night & asked, "Is your wife...?" & used his hand to round out an imaginary belly. Then, a couple of days later the wife came up to me & asked when I was due & told me that I hid it for a long time! I thought it was too funny! But, I've definitely been showing for weeks now, they must've thought I was really putting on weight!


Christy said...

You have the most perfectly pregnant belly!

Our Life As We Live It said...

Have you thought about names yet?


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