Thursday, March 25, 2010

Work, play & a clean house

So, the beginning of the week is pretty much the same: work. Work in the morning, work during naps, work at night. I did take the van on Tuesday & we met up with Erin & Claire. First, at Target, to enjoy "free pastry day" at Starbucks & then attempting story time at Barnes & Noble.

Sadly, the regular story lady was out sick & the poor woman who was thrown in her place wasn't quite sure what to do. I felt bad for her but the kids weren't at all interested so we took them over to the trains. Addison has also started throwing temper tantrums again and started up while we were out.

She had been doing so much better lately, much more obedient & pleasant & SO much calmer. However, the recent job change, with Ray going away to work during the days, seems to have triggered the outbursts again. The same thing happened when our car caught on fire last December. She still talks about that a bit & she knows there's a new baby coming & she seems to channel her insecurity over the change into temper tantrums. It's so frustrating for me but I also feel bad for her, knowing how she's feeling.

Anyway, Wednesday was another busy day: work, dropping Ray off at work, prenatal appointment, home to work, Kate's well-baby visit & then picked up Ray. It's really nice to have the car some days, but the driving takes up about 1.5-2 hours of the day. The prenatal appointment was fine & my glucose results came back at 70 (130/140 is considered too high). My iron levels are good, too: 12.1 & 37 (it has to be above 10.1 & 34 to deliver outside of the hospital). At Kate's appointment she's in the 50th-percentile & we got a prescription to have x-rays done of her hips. She walks a little funny so we want to make sure it's nothing that will affect her long-term.

I was so exhausted I kept the kids home from Bible study Wednesday night & got a bit of rest. I climbed into bed around 9!

Today was nice - home all day with very little work. Instead, Addison enjoyed her first viewing of The Little Mermaid. Less than five-minutes in she told me, "Mommy, this is a good movie to watch!"

(She loves wearing bathing suits which is why she donned one this morning)

In the early afternoon Ray's mom came & picked up the girls to take them to the park. I took advantage of being alone & had some solid uninterrupted cleaning time! I vacuumed & mopped the house, did all of the laundry, the dishes, made dinner, & began to scrape stickers & clean crayon off of many surfaces: walls, windows, floors, bathtubs, furniture, tv...I still can't figure out how to get crayon off of tile grout, though! Any suggestions?

Lastly, the girls. Addison sits in this walker & Kate loves to push her around!


Moo said...

HAve you tried actual grout cleaner? I think they sell it at hardware stores. I don't know if it will work, but it may be worth a shot :)

hilltopper said...

if you can take the smell... WD40 will get crayon off, as will GooGone.

do it outside if you can. or at least spray the cloth outside.


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