Friday, March 26, 2010

Good day

I was woken up in the middle of the night & couldn't go back to sleep for two hours. it wouldn't have been so bad but I knew my alarm was going off for work at 6:40. Of course, I finally fell back to sleep with just a little over an hour before my alarm went off & then I overslept! I woke up just three minutes before my shift. Good thing I work at home!

However, the overall day is going so well. After work I made waffles for breakfast & the big thing that helps is that Addison is doing so much better today. We haven't had any major tantrums, just a little yelling once in awhile. (which, she seems to think is playing sometimes...)

Before breakfast Kate was in the kitchen with me & kept standing at a kitchen chair patting it & trying to climb up. I picked her up & sat her in the seat - she was so happy sitting there like her big sister!

I was able to rest for a few minutes before Ray left for work, gave the girls morning baths & then we made a trip to the bank (where I forgot to bring the two *big* checks), visited the new Goodwill (it was pretty nice but I want to go back when I have more time & can go without the kids!) & then I made a quick decision to have hot dogs for lunch at Sam's with the rest of our gift card!

I rushed home & made it back with less than 10 minutes before my shift started! I put Kate down for a nap & Addison is, again, watching The Little Mermaid after repeatedly telling me, "I'm not tired. I don't need to sleep in your bed. I don't need to sleep in the craft room. I don't need to sleep in my room. I don't need to sleep in the office. I'm not tired."

(Ah, my shift just finished, no more until Sunday!)

Next up, three piano lessons & then the very exciting news - the kids are staying at grandma's tonight! I hope Addison goes with her, I'm sure it will be better since they'll be picked up during the day, but she still ran away & hid from Ray's mom when she was here yesterday.

Ray & I don't know what to plan for date night, but we will go out. We have a gift card PLUS a coupon for Outback or we might possibly go to the movies (but, I can't think of anything that I want to see) or we may go to the mall/Barnes & Noble. Ray keeps talking about getting coffee while we're out, too. Because of that I haven't had any coffee yet today because I don't want to max out my caffeine quota for the day before our date!

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megan said...

I love that you always post photos of the girls :)


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