Thursday, April 22, 2010

Date Night

Addison's tantrums have been escalating lately, in direct correlation to Ray leaving for work. Not a big deal for most kids, but for three years he's worked mostly from home. Even though there were times he was gone A LOT and at odd hours, she was younger so it didn't matter as much.

This past Monday after he left she was making sad faces saying she wanted daddy to come home from work. Other days she'll hug him tight & tell him, "You're trapped, daddy, you can't go to work."

Anyway, after Monday I thought a date night for the two of them would be good. Tonight was the first night it would really work out. How badly did I think Addison needed this night with her daddy? I took Ray's hour of work for him tonight just so they could go out. That's love.

Addison ready for her date!


Tricia said...

Very sweet. I'll give you a call tomorrow to get the details :)

Moo said...

How sweet! She looks very excited for her date night. :)

Christy said...

She looks so excited for date night! I'm a mom of two boys, so this post brought tears to my eyes!

I love love love her dress too (i drool over little girl's clothing)


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