Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Something new

This Friday I'm going to do something I've never done in my life: get cavities filled. I went so many years without ever having any cavities but ever since I've started having babies my teeth are falling apart. Okay, not so much falling apart but demineralizing (as determined by the dentist at my appointment ONE YEAR AGO this week). Yikes!

I really didn't want to put off having the cavities taken care of for this long but due to extenuating circumstances it couldn't really be done before now. Honestly, it wasn't difficult for me to put it off either. Even though my teeth hurt a little bit I'm also, yes, a little nervous. Mostly just because I've never had this done before; plus, my family is notorious for having pain meds used on them & not working. That scares me a little. I also hate having any drugs when I'm pregnant or nursing.

That being said, I'm still so glad to finally get this taken care of, it will be such a relief! I'm afraid more cavities have appeared since my last appointment as I'm noticing little holes on two of my top front teeth now. I guess I'll find out after I ahve this baby & can have x-rays again!

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Jenn said...

I'm a nervous nellie about dental work but don't sweat it. It's not bad at all. I had a filling replaced last year that I had for 20 years and it took about 20 minutes and didn't hurt a bit. I was totally surprised!! Hope all goes well for you!


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