Monday, April 12, 2010

Hair Clip Holder Tutorial

Having little girls we have a growing collection of hair clips. Hair clips that always seem to be getting lost & tossed everywhere around the house. I've been meaning to make a cute storage area for them and finally got around to it today.

First, I needed an old picture frame (a new one would do, too, but I had plenty of old ones laying around!). I took out the matting & print so I was just left with the frame. I then chose the fabric & ribbon I wanted to use; make sure to have scissors and a glue gun handy, as well. Oh! Also, important, I kept the cardboard backing from the print to use for my ribbon board.

Cut the fabric so it is a little larger than whatever you're using as the backboard. Lay the fabric right side down with the backing on top. Use your hot glue gun to glue all of the fabric sides to the back of your board.

Flip the board over so that the fabric is now right side up. Measure out your length of ribbon.

(I cut three lengths because my frame was rather large) I laid it out approximately where I wanted it & then tried to hold the ribbon in place & flip the board over.

I then hot glued each ribbon end to the backside of the board.

Voila! Pop your board into the frame & secure if necessary (I found after attaching the fabric it was snug enough on it's own) Slide your bows onto the ribbons for organized storage & a cute room accessory!

You may notice the crooked fabric. Unfortunately the printing was off on the fabric - I suppose that's what happens when you buy $4/yard fabric!


Tricia said...

Very cute, crooked fabric and all!

Carolyn said...

Good idea! Where will you put it? In their bathroom or bedroom? I likey :)

Morgan said...

Super cute!

I can't wait until Finley has enough hair for hairbows. I will definitely be making one of these!

connie said...

You are super, udderly talented!! Is there anything you don't do ;) This is just adorable~great job!

Jessica said...

Thanks, all!

Carolyn, the plan is to go in their bedroom. I was going to lean it against the wall on a floating shelf in their room but the frame is so large I think I may just hang it on the wall instead.

Jessica said...

The crooked fabric may also drive me so crazy that I may end up replacing it... :)

Jenn said...

I love it! I should make one of these for my niece!


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