Monday, April 26, 2010


My teeth looking amazingly different! I cannot believe the wonders of fillings. Obviously I went with composite fillings, especially with three of the cavities being on the front of my teeth. But, even upon inspection, you can barely tell where they're at.

The first cavity I found three years ago, so you can only imagine how large & prominent that was in my mouth. You know how before a photo you ask your friend if you have anything in your teeth? Well, the cavities were so garish they were usually mistaken for something in my teeth.

By the time I sat in the chair on Friday my heart was pounding. I knew there wasn't really anything to be nervous about & I think the part I was most nervous about was (a year after diagnosis) how much worse my teeth had become. Of course it didn't help that when I sat in the chair the dentist told me that because I was pregnant they were going to go ahead & try to do this without any novocaine. While I greatly appreciated that thought I wasn't too keen on the idea. My teeth were already hurting as it was I didn't see how we'd do it without pain meds.

We got about halfway through the first cavity when it became painful & I had to take the drugs. And, then I had to take more drugs because the amount normally used wasn't effective enough on me.

I have to say, I'm so thankful I was able to have novocaine but it also cemented in my mind how much I hate taking meds. He said it would take an hour or two to wear off but it took more like 5-6. After the numbness wore off on Friday my throat was dry like when you get sick, I was shaky, a little nauseas, SO exhausted & felt like I was getting sick. That lasted for about two days & now, 4 days later, I'm still having joint pain in my jaw on the side where he worked on my molar & it's difficult to open my mouth.

Unfortunately, the dentist did find three more cavities. Two I knew about already because I could see the tiny holes forming. They're still small enough that I think I can get away without any novocaine for those. He found another one in a different molar & I'm not sure how deep it is. Regardless, I'm going to wait until after the baby come to get those fixed - it was difficult laying back in that chair for an hour with all of that weight in my belly!

For now, I'm still so excited at my new smile and incredibly relieved to have that taken care of!


Tricia said...

My dentist always tells me not to take any vitamin c 24 hours before I see him. I asked why and was told that the c binds to the anesthetic and it doesn't work like it should and you don't get as numb. I know when I've had surgeries, the hospitals always tell me the same thing.

Jessica said...

Well, I'll admit I hadn't been taking vitamin C lately - don't be upset, mom! :)

Vickie said...

You are brave. I haven't gone to the dentist because of fear but you have inspired me to try.


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