Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip!

We leave today for our week & a half road trip - this time to visit family. I know we're going to get off to a later start than we like, but we have to wait until Ray gets off of work and I can pick him up. However, the plan is to stay in Charleston tonight. The earliest we'll arrive is probably midnight, mostly likely it will be later, though. I do enjoy taking advantage of the hotel stays we get with this job! Tomorrow the plan is to walk around Charleston a bit, drive to Myrtle Beach, SC to visit some friends so Ray can have a business chat with them, & then go stay in North Carolina. Ray informed me that he found a hotel right in the town where Andy Griffith grew up. He seems to be excited about this.

I am looking forward to seeing Charleston again - it's been YEARS since I was there! I'm not even sure if Ray has ever been, I do wish that we would have more time there.

After our "Andy Griffith" visit we'll make the drive over to Kentucky & camp out at my grandmothers' for several days. Hopefully this will include visits with the family we haven't seen in two years! I am anxious to see my nephew again & meet my new little niece. The kids are just under a year younger than my kids so it should be fun having them together!

Anyway, before we leave I have a HUGE list to get accomplished today. Huge. Right now I'm working until 9. Then, we'll drive to our headquarters to pick up our travel certificates (they're in Ray's name so he has to be there. Then, I'll drop him off at work & I plan to stop at:

-the bank
-the library
-drop off something at a friends' house
-Starbucks (I need a new pound of beans)
-Grocery store(s)

I'm supposed to work again at 1:00 but...we'll see if I have to call out or not.

At home I would like to clean so that the place is clean when we get back home. Bathrooms, floors, kitchen, clean sheets, etc. I also need to vacuum & wash the van before we leave - I hate traveling in a messy vehicle! (I also hear Ray doing the dishes now - hurray for sweet & helpful husbands!)

Oh yeah, packing would probably good, too. I don't think we can get away with the clothes on our back for a week & a half!


Moo said...

Hurray! I'm excited to see you guys too! Brett won't be able to come down until Monday, but I'm going to try to shift our schedules around so I can bring the kids down during the weekend.

Julianna said...

I live in NC :) While you are in Mount Airy, if you get a chance you should have some lunch here:


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