Monday, May 10, 2010

One week!

One week without blogging & now I don't know where to begin! So much happened and there were so many photos taken. We did a LOT of driving and visiting with family and friends. Some very random tidbits:

-I LOVE having a van to travel in now even more than I was a kid. And when I was a kid we had a big high top van complete with tv and VCR (I'm sure our kids would've loved to have been able to watch some movies with all of that driving but for now they were quite content with books and a magna doodle)

-I hate ticks. With a passion. They totally gross me out & they can give you lyme disease! I'm sure I feel about them the way northerners feel about our Florida mosquitos - they can give you encephalitis. However, my argument is stronger against ticks - they crawl on you & imbed themselves in your skin & stay awhile; mosquitos daintily fly along, give you a quick bite & fly away. Two days post hike & two very thorough tick checks and I still found one feeding away on me today. Bleh.

- My new love is iced tea spoons. I don't drink iced tea (although I've been craving herbal raspberry iced tea lately - just like last pregnancy) but my grandmother had some which I found were perfect for eating ice cream out of the carton without my hands getting all sticky and for stirring my iced coffees. I now feel the need for a set of iced tea spoons.

-I read THREE books while I was away! Not that impressive except that lately I don't really have time to read period. I read a chick lit Jane Green that I picked up at the library (eh), The Lighting Thief, which I bought for $2.50 at a used bookstore in Madison while visiting Monica (& which I need to mail to her because she graciously let me buy it so I'd have something else to read on our trip even though she wanted it, too), and I re-read Paul Reiser's Couplehood, which I still find quite entertaining.

-I can gain 3-4 pounds on a 1.5 week vacation. Must've been all of that ice cream. And soda. And fried food. My current cravings at home are along the lines of fresh mediterranean & lots of fruit.

-I "popped" again while we were away and now I'm having a difficult time finding any tops that completely cover my belly. That part is always frustrating, especially since I still have 5 weeks to grow!


megan said...

I started reading The Lightening Thief but lost interest and never finished before taking it back to the library. What did you think of it?

hilltopper said...

i will trade you for the one i bought! it was quite an interesting read, about a young girl who is from a religious cult and is put in a foster home with an average family and realizes that most adults dont know all the answers as she had been raised to believe.


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