Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4

I overdid it yesterday. Overall, I was feeling great, pushed myself & today I was worn down & feeling icky.

Part of it was necessity. Ray can't take time off of work, although he did take a half day the day after Clay was born, so yesterday morning we loaded the kids in the van & dropped him off at the office. It wasn't necessary to go to Target afterwards, but Addison was begging to go (& I NEEDED coffee - & had a gift card!).

I also had my two-day post-natal check in the afternoon, which is why I needed the van in the first place. Thank the Lord Erin found out I was going & offered to watch the girls so I wouldn't have to take them to my visit, too.

Anyway, after all of that lifting of the kids & taking them in & out of the van I felt pretty bad by the end of the day & today I could just tell I'd overdone it.

Thankfully, my parents came yesterday afternoon & were here by the time I got home from my appointment so I've been afforded a bit more rest - I even got to lay down & take TWO naps today! I'm so glad they're not leaving until Saturday.

As far as Clay, he's such a little dream baby. I know it helps that I absolutely love babies. I find them so calming & comforting & just love the snuggles. That's another nice thing about having my parents here, it's giving me a chance for just a few more snuggles with him then I can get if it's just me taking care of the kids.

The girls both still love Clay, although Addison does have her little jealousy issues, just as she did with Kate. I think she feels torn between loving him & feeling that she's losing a little more of the attention (and she likes attention!). Kate can't get enough of him. If she here's him cry she gets very concerned & runs to check on him.

Clay is really quite mellow - he's been waking up at night for one longer stretch where he alternates between eating & fussing from about 1-3/4am. I don't think that's too bad - it'd be better if I was able to fall asleep earlier!


~T said...

Yay you posted more photos!!!! I knew if your mom was there, that there had to be some photos on at least ONE of the blogs!!!! Everyone looks so beautiful!

Moo said...

I want to snuggle him too!


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