Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I had the baby!

Not really, but that's why everyone is checking my blog right now, right?

While he's not here yet I'm now mentally ready for him to arrive. The really silly thing is I wanted my fun day at Busch Gardens today before he made his appearance. I just don't know when I'll feel up for going after he's born! I also have enough taken care of around the house; I mean, I have kids, a husband, a job & other commitments so my house will never be spotless in the foreseeable future.

But, I'm settled & prepared enough at home that I feel comfortable with the baby coming now.

Busch Gardens was fun today, albeit quite hot! Addison was still at my parents', which made the day much easier. Kate & I went with Erin & Claire; we spent the first bit letting the kids play in the ground fountains and snack.

After the fountains we put the girls in the strollers and walked the perimeter of the park. It's funny because I get strong braxton hicks from the time I'm around 15 weeks along. Yet, walking the park I don't remember getting one contraction. It was super hot & Kate was exhausted enough that she feel asleep towards the end of the walk.

After BG we went for a late lunch at Chickfila. I seriously love Chickfila, they hands-down ahve the best fast food.

By the time I got home my mom & Megan were here with Addison. They're staying the night so I was able to keep the girls at home tonight while Ray & I went to prayer meeting alone (no diaper bags! no whining!). I was apparently so worn out from my day at the park that I proceeded to fall asleep while they were praying. Ray says I made a little whimpering noise, too. Oh well, I figure if anyone can get away with that it's the nine-month-pregnant woman, right?


amy said...

I believed you!

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