Friday, June 11, 2010

Keeping Busy

I've found I'm not one to to slow down much when waiting for a baby to arrive. I think part of it has something to do with not knowing when it will happen - it could be anywhere in a 5-week span & that's just too long for me to go without making plans!

Last Thursday I took Addison out for a little one-on-one date with me before this baby arrives. I asked her where she wanted to go on her date:


That was a little too far so she said she wanted to go to Target. However, once in the van she told me she wanted to go to Chickfila. She ended up quite happy with her decision. Afterwards she ran an errand with me to JoAnn Fabrics & then we did to go Target where I bought her her very own special chocolate milk with whipped cream from Starbucks (only $1.15 for so much delight on her face!).


Later in the evening Eddie & Sarah came over to stay a couple nights with us on the end of their vacation. Ray & I had to work that night but on Friday the guys stayed in & put the kids to bed so that Sarah & I could go out to the movies - I don't care if it's a waste of money, I love going to the theater! Plus, girls night is always fun. :)

One funny thing was that Eddie would have Sarah massage his back by standing on it & stuff - Kate got so upset & cried at first! I guess she thought Eddie was being hurt. The next day Kate decided it was okay & that it would be fun to crawl on Eddie's back & lay on top of him. She got such a kick out of that & let out big belly laughs!

The two oldest girls constantly played princess together. Sarah commented that they didn't really even play, they just kept dressing up & walking back & forth through the house - it was so true! At least they were having fun & getting along together.

Saying goodbye

After they left Saturday morning we went to Gabriel's birthday party, came home & visited with my family, Sunday we went out to lunch with some friends (including Nick & Heather who were in town), Monday I went to Rach's, Wednesday was Busch Gardens & tonight we went to dinner at a friends house. If no baby comes I'll be taking the girls to the free kids movie this coming Tuesday (I love that summer program!). I'm hoping my last day of work will be this Sunday & then I'll just keep teaching piano until the baby arrives.

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