Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day

We both were required to work the Memorial Day holiday. Being part-time we were only supposed to work 4 hours each but the longer we're with this company the more they bend things in their favor & we were scheduled to both work eight-hours each. Ray from 8:30am-5pm & me from 5:30pm-2:00am. Yeah, & I had to be back to work at 7 this morning & work again until midnight tonight so I definitely wasn't going to make it until 2am.

So, we both worked over half of our schedules & ditched the rest! Not in my nature, but we already had plans weeks in advance & this was a company mistake, not ours.

In the early afternoon we headed over to Rach & Con's for a cook-out - Conrad is known for making amazing ribs (but I didn't get any yesterday!) & they had a bunch of friends over. Eddie & Sarah are in town with their kids so we got to see them, too. We had a total of 12 little ones 4 & under plus three more on the way!

Addison spent about THREE HOURS in the pool with some of her friends. Ray was kind enough to sit outside with the girls while I sat inside (in the a/c!) chatting with my friends.

Jen & Gabe were also there with their 4 little ones. Little Gabriel will be turning two this Saturday & he's exactly 6 months older than Kate. He also seems to have caught Kate's eye as she spent a bit of time chasing after him trying to get some affection. One time he was walking away from her & she had actually grabbed onto the back of his shirt & was trying to pull him towards her!

It's always the sweet quiet ones you have to keep an eye on, isn't it?

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