Monday, June 28, 2010

One-week-old and our "big girl"

I simply can't believe that Clay is already one-week-old today. I'm totally relishing all of these baby cuddles. I think part of it is knowing he may be our last child and another part is knowing just how quickly these first few weeks go by.

The Thinker

My dad had something to film in Tampa today so my parents came back this morning. He also has an interview in our area tomorrow so they're staying the night again & then taking Addison home with them! We're going over there on Friday for the Fourth of July holiday so we'll pick her up then.

One of Addison's favorite things to do is play dress-up (including wearing bathing suits all of the time - the other week in just one day she wore three different bathing suits, two princess outfits, and a pirate costume). She also loves wedding dresses and wants to wear one - "like mommy." One day I let her put on my veil & she walked into the family room so happy and said, "I'm married now!" My mom didn't know Addison wanted her own wedding dress but happened to pick one up for her at a garage sale for $2 & brought it over today. Think Addison was happy?

And, we have our newly crowned "big girl," Kate. "Big girl" meaning that the day after Clay was born she told me "no, no, no," & started questioning "why?" with everything we tell her. Kate also became tall enough to pull all of our doors closed (rather than pushing them closed & locking herself in the room) and she learned how to climb onto our counter height kitchen chairs. She also desperately wants to sleep in the twin bed with Addison instead of her crib.

We also began utilizing standing in the corner for time-out. She's so used to seeing Addison do it that Kate goes right away & stays no problem.

So, we're keeping busy and settling into our new family dynamic. I've been trying to rest and heal as much as possible. Mentally I'm good and want to do lots but physically I still don't quite have my stamina back.

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