Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My little man is already one-month-old today! It's so bittersweet - I love watching them get bigger but I totally cherish the little snuggly newborn phase, it seems to pass way too quickly.

At twelve days old his umbilical cord fell off & at 13 days he started rolling over, front to back! Seriously?!? I wasn't prepared for him to start doing that so early. I would've thought it a fluke but he's been doing it consistently since then. That same time he really started holding his head up for long periods of time, too, long enough for people to comment about it.


We have his check-up next week so we'll find out his stats then. As of two weeks and three days old he was up to 9 pounds 3 ounces.

And at two weeks and four days old he started sleeping better, waking up once a night. I've definitely been better than I was last time about getting into a routine more quickly with him - I guess I kind of knew I had to since I go back to work in two weeks!


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amy said...

Ally says Happy Birthday and Jess is excited to meet Clay--he's precious!


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