Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm merely updating for my mom's benefit

I'm still not feeling well today. :( I woke up Sunday morning feeling fine but then noticed some tenderness & could tell I was probably coming down with mastitis. I knew I'd start feeling really icky (like when you have the flu) so, after starting to get ready to leave, I opted to stay home from church. Ray still took the girls & I kept Clay - who slept nearly the entire time. It was so strange virtually having the house to myself for four hours without any responsibility. It was quite the nice break! I had a list of about 10 things running through my head that I could do but, since I wasn't feeling well, I merely rested. (& read mind candy - I'm finally caving to the Twilight series - the rainy weather we had yesterday morning was perfect for reading it, too!)

The rest of the day was spent simply resting, convincing Ray that I needed him to stay home from church that night to help me take care of the kids & Ray surprising me with Five Guys fries! I felt just horrid as the day went on - aches, chills & a 101+ fever. Thank the Lord for those meals I've been cooking & freezing, I pulled one of them out & we had beef stew for dinner.

Anyway, before feeling ill on Sunday we took our family day on Saturday & first went to the library for the end of the summer reading program party for the kids. You had to read at least 20 books to your kids & record them & if they had at least that many than they would get a certificate & could attend the party. It was really quite nice - they had a guy there singing, doing magic, making balloons & he just interacted so well with the kids! They also had snacks & each child got to pick out a book to keep.

After the library we took the kids home for naps & I went out to the mall, taking Clay with me, of course. After that it was time for IKEA! For one, I always love going there & looking around. Two, right now kids eat free. While I was standing in line getting the kids food I saw Rach & Con walk in! They were there with their kids & Rach's three sisters. I love randomly running into people I know & we ended up eating dinner together.

After parting ways we walked the top floor & Addison had to test out some furniture & gave us her verdict.

She deemed this sofa "not comfortable."

These two were comfortable, though!

Addison had the best time playing in one of the preview kids rooms they had set up. She'd go through her whole day - declaring "the sun is up!" & getting out of the bed, pretending to get dressed, etc. By the time we made it to the kids toys & let them play for a bit Kate started losing it. She was just too tired & we made a mad dash through the bottom of the store to leave.

One day, someday, I hope to go completely alone & look to my little hearts desire. However, I was so exhausted after our day that after putting Clay in the bassinet I crashed into the bed on my stomach & fell asleep - thus resulting in my mastitis case the next morning!


Morgan said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Mastitis does not sound like fun!

Tricia said...

thanks Sweetpea, I needed those photos :)


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