Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today began Addisons' dance classes & Kates' mommy & me gym class. Because Ray hasn't started his new job yet he was able to come with us this morning. Before we left we tried & tried to get Addison to eat her breakfast. Instead she laid down on the kitchen floor complaining that she didn't feel well. She tried one bite of her eggs (you know, the same kind she loved when I made them yesterday) & spit them out. She didn't have a fever & I concluded that she was just nervous. Poor girl! It was sweet, too, because it shows how much she's growing up that she felt nervous at all.

About to go to class (Addison's hair had been in a nice high ponytail & she pulled it out - it got fixed inside)

Ray took some video through the glass; for most of the other girls this was their second year of dance so it was old hat for them. Addison spent a little more time watching & doing her own thing.

Kate seemed to have fun, too, I think she'll really start to enjoy it as time goes on!

Ray's dad is the one who signed the girls up for their classes & stopped by on Tuesday to drop off Addison's outfit-complete with tights, leotard, pink leather ballet shoes & tap shoes. We're very excited about the tap shoes (yes, we). The crazy thing is those tights were more expensive than any of the other items! ($22 - they better be made out of some magical non-tearing fibers!)

I can't wait to see how things progress, especially with Addison's dance. Their recital is even at our performing arts center!


amy said...

So much fun! Oh, and I'm having Clay withdrawals. Have a safe, fun trip.

Meg Kat said...

The girls look adorable. Oh, and I need Clay snuggles!


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