Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apple Picking

Our last day before traveling back home we went to pick apples! It was so much fun, I'd never been apple picking before. The girls had a great time, too!

Clay was all ready to go!

We took a wagon back to the apple trees. Aren't they a cute family?

I'll be honest, I was really looking forward to the apple cider doughnuts I knew we'd have after the picking! Seriously, those things are incredibly delicious.

Karine was so cute - we put she & Addison on a huge hay bale & Karine started doing her ballet poses for us

After picking apples & eating doughnuts we bought some of the overpriced food & had a picnic lunch. The girls mac & cheese was good, our pulled pork sandwich was fabulous & the chili was the worst either of us have ever had. It was truly disgusting. Not only did it not taste very good but the consistency was as if they had used a ton of cornstarch to thicken it. Blech.

Dinner, however, was fabulous. Ernie grilled out for us - hot dogs, steak & the veggies. Oh, the veggies! I had to make myself stop eating the grilled onions.

We also enjoyed more playtime outside

And, for dessert...s'mores!


Meg Kat said...

Those grilled vegetables look SO good.

Tricia said...

You actually have been apple picking before....I think you were two :)

amy said...

Love the pic of Clay--what a sweet smile! The picture of the 5 of you is precious, also! We picked apples in Maine years ago. Mmm...


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