Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The best part of our vacation

It doesn't matter what we do on our trips I always look forward to visiting with our friends. I rally for the majority of our trips to be spent visiting rather than sight seeing. So, our first friend stop (as you've seen) was with Eddie & Sarah & their kids in Virginia. We just have a nice relaxing fun time together. Monday (after the vineyards) Sarah grilled out for dinner & then she & I took off for a girls night out!

We did a little shopping & went to a movie. Between our conversation & the movie I laughed a lot, which feels great! Sarah is also my one friend who can rival my sweet tooth.

Yesterday morning we left for our final leg of the trip to visit Ruth & Ernie & their kids in Pennsylvania!

Driving through a tunnel on our way to PA

Karine & Addison doing "school." It's definitely interesting watching these girls play with each other, they both have similar personalities!

Jen & Gabe just moved up to Philadelphia a few weeks ago so tomorrow Jen is coming to visit us with her kids!

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