Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Labor Day Monday Sarah ever so kindly took the four oldest children to a splash park while Eddie, Ray & I (& Clay) went off to see some vineyards. It was such fun! We'd planned to see four & tour the third one but we accidentally passed it & missed our tour time.

It was so neat to go walk through the vineyards & see the grapes all pretty on the vines.

We also made time for some tastings & the guys dreamed big dreams about owning their own vineyards & calculating how to make it happen. It's good to dream.

Yes, that is the newest "business plan," how to grow & market our own vineyard. Like I said, It's good to dream!

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Morgan said...

My husband has, also, been dreaming of owning his own vineyard. One of his customers owns a small vineyard and didn't have time to harvest it, so my husband and two of his friends did. The wine in progress is in my dining room now. :) I'll have to blog about it soon.


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