Friday, September 03, 2010

Internet again

We're back to Internet access, I believe for the rest of our trip. Or, do you care if I call it a "holiday?" I love that people in the UK refer to their vacations as holidays.

Wednesday we left our hotel in the morning. The girls never got to swim in the pool there but it sure did look nice!

We backtracked a bit to visit a little old farm on the Blue Ridge parkway. Ray & I first discovered this place nearly 8 years ago on a road trip we took shortly after we were married. it sure was fun getting to take our kids this time!

The girls & I showing our muscles! (in actuality Kate is wondering how she got stuck with us)

There were chickens running around the farm & one came running at Kate. She was on the ground while Addison was up on the porch. Kate wasn't phased in the slightest but Addison took off running for me! The chicken ran under the porch & both girls looked for it; Addison was calling, "cock-a-doodle-doo!"

Clay was really thrilled to be at a farm from 1860

Our version of a no-smile old photo

After the farm we drove several hours north to our hotel in DC! More on that later.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos... especially the no-smile one. You should have it framed!!


Amy said...

I love that photo of Clay loving the farm :) Australians say holidays too - Christmas holidays, school holidays, overseas holiday. I think it's only you guys who say vacation!


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