Saturday, September 04, 2010

Our Nations Capital

I suppose I really should have been most excited to be in DC. But I was thrilled when we arrived at our hotel & I found out that it was connected to a mall! We were on the eighth floor in a lovely suite - our front door opened into the large atrium & our bedroom window overlooked many other shops outside. Loft, Pottery Barn, J was like this place was made just for me!

I also love when hotels have complimentary breakfasts, especially nice when you have kids! (The Fruit Loops were a treat after the "real" breakfast)

After breakfast we trekked into DC. I'm sure we were quite the sight with a huge double stroller & a flimsy single. However, I do believe it was easier than trying to get Addison to walk everywhere or carrying Clay the entire time. Ray & I both have bad backs & baby-wearing causes me migraines!

Can I say how much I love mass transit? Fabulous idea.

Our first stop was The Air & Space Museum - Ray's choice. He used to fly, he's only a few hours away from his pilots license but never completed it. He informed me that last time he was here he spent four hours inside; we managed to cut that in half this time.

Clay was about as excited as I was to be there - but we were good uncomplaining troopers for daddy!

We got there right at story time & went over at the very end while the kids were playing with different toys & games the museum had out for them - this "plane" was a big hit!

We did quite well at the tourist thing walking from the museum to the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to the White House & finally to another metro station to go back to our hotel.

Dinner that night was Maggiano's (love!) but first we enjoyed the complimentary snacks & drinks at the managers reception at our hotel. I'm quite proud to note that we all ate at Maggiano's for $8.47! (before tip) If you sign up for their e-club right now they send a coupon for $10 off when you dine-in. We always get the Rigatoni D (our absolute favorite) & we also had a side caesar salad.

I have no idea what was up with Addison here, but I think it's hilarious!

We went back to our hotel, put the two youngest to bed (I loved having a suite!), I went to the mall for a bit & when I came back Ray took Addison up to the pool. I stayed back for a pedicure, crafting & coffee - just like a night at home!

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amy said...

I recognize those princesses! I am envious of your trip!


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